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A family car with a dented rear fender

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As a car owner, there's nothing worse you can hear than the slow, painful sound of a wall or gate scratching the paintwork from your car as you reverse out of your driveway. These things happen, and fortunately, if you're around St. Leonards-on-Sea, our expert team can take a look at your bodywork and get it looking like brand new again in no time at all.

Dent repairs and scratch removals

If someone has bumped into your car accidentally and you've got a dent, let us know. We have the mechanics and engineers to repair all sizes of dent anywhere on your car, so it'll look like nothing ever happened.

Dent repairs for your bodywork

No matter what the size of your dent or scratch, we'll have your car looking like it did before anything even happened to it. We can provide paint resprays for small or large areas using only the highest quality paint brands. Dents can be quite simple, and we'll ensure that none of your paintwork or the exterior suffers as a result of the trauma.

What we can do for your scratches and dents